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The CHALE WOTE Street Art Festival is a unique event that mixes art, music, design, dance, and performance to the streets. A community-based festival is a yearly event held in James Town, one of Accra's most historic neighborhoods, that aims to foster exchanges between Ghanaian and international artists who create and appreciate art together.


Experience Ghana Including Chale Wote Festival

 CHALE WOTE Street Festival continues this tradition while breaking away from the traditional grid to give festival culture a very modern impulse.

The festival is deeply rooted in Ghanaian culture and is celebrated in various forms by various ethnic groups on various occasions. You enter a transformed space the moment you encounter your first artistic experience on High Street, where art can be seen, heard, experienced, and created with each shift in perspective. Music blares from every nook and cranny, and as you move through the space, the musical genre shifts. I have even heard a Soca song. linking the land of my birth to the land of my upbringing Face painting and body art are popular at the Chale Wote Festival.

 In the Ga language, Chale Wote means man, let’s go. And boy, do you feel like you’re moving. It can be the first or only time this year that Ghanaians have the opportunity to wear nontraditional body paintings. During the festival, you may notice a colonial-era lighthouse built in the 1930s looming in the distance. The old Lighthouse near James Fort for a great view of the city’s busy and captivating fishing harbor. A community-based festival is an annual event that takes place in James Town one of Accra’s most historic communities and targets exchanges between Ghana-based and international artists creating and appreciating art together.

During the Chale Wote Festival, you will encounter fetish priests, a 100-strong galloping cavalry on horseback, skateboarders, stilt walkers, and tree climbers.

From leaf-draped tree creatures to a feathered angel on a unicycle, from children boxing to graffiti artists in full flow on a mural wall, there’s something for everyone.

The festival, Is West Africa’s talk-about contemporary street art festival, is a sensory overload. 


Day 1


You arrive at Ghana's Accra Kotoka International Airport.
On the Gold Coast of Western Africa, Accra is located. This is the beginning of an incredible experience that you will never forget. You will reclaim your bags after passing through immigration before going to customs.

After clearing customs, you will be welcomed and driven in our private air-conditioned vehicle to your hotel for the duration of your stay.
After you've checked in, our experienced cultural guide, who will be with you the entire time you're on your trip, will bid you Akwaaba (Welcome) and inform you of the fascinating things you can expect to do while you're in Ghana.

Meal(s) Included: Welcome Dinner

Hotel: Alisa Hotel

Day 2


You will leave for a full-day tour of Accra after breakfast.

Visit the W.E.B. Du Bois Center to commemorate the life of one of Ghana's most illustrious Pan-Africanists.

Head on to the museum and mausoleum for Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana's first president. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah made the declaration of Ghana's independence in this park, which was once known as the Polo Grounds. All national ceremonies are conducted in Accra's Independence Square, an outdoor ceremonial area.

We visit Jamestown Community, one of Accra's most historic communities where history is present around every turn, after lunch at a nearby restaurant (on your account). The British built the first of its lighthouses in 1875, which served as navigational aid for commerce ships passing through the Gulf of Guinea. The original building was destroyed, but a newer, larger lighthouse that was finished in 1921 is still in use today.

This evening, you will have a special opportunity to enjoy the lovely Fulani culture by going to Chef Fatmata Binta. Accra is home to famous chef Fatmata Binta, who is of Fulani heritage. She will assist you in enjoying food the Fulani way. You will be treated to three dishes, including dessert, music, and positive energy that you will never forget. The Attaya Tea Ceremony and Chef's lesson on Fulani Culture are both included.

Meal(s) Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Hotel: Alisa Hotel

Day 3


Following a relaxing breakfast, we'll explore Accra's and the surrounding area's retail districts, which include craft markets, art galleries, dressmakers, and hair braiders. There will be a ton of bargains.
The largest open market in Accra is the constantly busy Makola Market. To make finding deals easier, this intriguing market has been divided into several parts. You'll get the opportunity to walk through this exceptionally busy market and even practice your bargaining.

We make a quick stop at the local arts and crafts market to practice bargaining.

The famed Oxford Street in Osu is a great place to find unique, vibrant, and lovely African clothing as well as artisan jewelry and accessories.
We will have a Head Wrap demonstration and instruction during this evening's dinner. There will be dressmakers and tailors on hand for anyone who needs a tailored outfit.

Meal(s) Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Hotel: Alisa Hotel

Day 4


We left the hotel after a well-deserved breakfast and checked out for the Central Region of Ghana. While traveling, we will stop by the Village of Hope Orphanage https://www.thevohgroup.org/Ministries/village to interact with the caregivers and spend some time with the children. There is a chance to help them with their daily tasks. This residential home for kids has a license and provides orphaned and vulnerable kids with holistic rehabilitation and nurturing. Here, they use the idea that the family system serves as a child's fundamental socialization unit and take into account each child's special natural skills for development.

We continue to Cape Coast/Elmina after lunch (at the residence).

Join a tour guide for a walking tour of Elmina when you arrive. This city served as the first European settlement in Sub-Saharan Africa. It once had the title of tropical Africa's most cosmopolitan city. To reach Fort Saint Jargo, which the Dutch used as a base to seize the Elmina Castle from the Portuguese, climb the Jago Hill. The various Colonial Dutch Cemeteries and the vibrant Safo (Fante Traditional Soldiers) posts with their philosophical symbols will delight you.

Meal(s) Included: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Hotel: Alisa Hotel

Day 5


We are going on a tour of Ghana's famous forts, castles, and slave dungeons today. History will tell the tale of the slave trade, whose effects can still be felt today outside of Africa. Visit the Cape Coast Castle, which the British took over after the Swedes completed it in 1653. The West African Historical Museum, which was founded in 1994 in cooperation with the Ghanaian government, is also housed in this castle.

Visit the Elmina Castle, also known as St. George's Castle, which was erected by the Portuguese in 1482. The first European building to be erected in Sub-Saharan Africa was this castle. One of West Africa's best photo opportunities is the vibrant waterfront below the Elmina Castle, which is teeming with pirogues getting ready to set sail.

We will also take part in the "Fihankra" ceremony, which aims to reunite those of African origin with their ancestral home after being separated by the transatlantic slave trade. Returnees are given the opportunity to re-establish their cultural and spiritual links after generations of being cut off via this rite. A naming ceremony is included in Fihankra's last segment.

We will have dinner this evening and watch a cultural performance by the Mesomagor Bamboo Orchestra when we get back to the hotel.

Meal(s) Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Hotel: Ridge Royal Hotel

Day 6


We will visit 'Global Mama's', an outstanding non-profit and Fair-trade organization that helps women in Ghana achieve economic independence, following a peaceful night and leisurely breakfast. You can discover more about the difficulties and benefits of managing these projects while you are here. You can participate in the age-old West African craft of batik making here as well as become crafty.

In order to experience the unusual and fragrant aromas of West African food, we will also visit Esi's Kitchen. As you learn how to make traditional Ghanaian foods, Esi will introduce you to a wide range of new tastes and flavors. You will prepare traditional meals like Jollof rice (rice cooked in tomato sauce), Red Red (beans stew with fried ripe plantain), Ampesi (cooked yam/plantain with palava sauce), and Peanut butter soup during this course using African cooking skills. You will enjoy eating the meal you helped to prepare once you have mastered the recipes!

Meal(s) Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Hotel: Ridge Royal Hotel

Day 7


Until it's time to leave for Chale Wote Festival, the famous major art festival in West Africa, we will enjoy the morning at our leisure. This festival brings together a seductive fusion of local fashion designers, singers, and artists.

Meal(s) Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Hotel: Ridge Royal Hotel

Day 8


After a relaxing breakfast, let's conclude our tour of Ghana with a stop at Aqua Safari Resort, a top eco-friendly luxury getaway resort in the center of Ada Foah, about two hours' drive from Accra, the country's capital.

Here, you may take advantage of the perfect fusion of a gorgeous beach, charming village tours, and sunshine. You will also learn about the locals' fascinating and inspiring history.

Upon arrival at the resort, go on a relaxing boat tour to discover the stunning Island.

Return from your cruise in time for a delicious meal that you can either enjoy at the beach or in the serene garden of your cabin that was made with fresh farm vegetables. You have a choice!

After lunch, you can participate in a variety of activities, including beach volley, beach soccer, badminton, a Segway ride, table tennis, and bicycle rides, all of which overlook the Atlantic Ocean.

We arrive back in Accra late in the day.

Meal(s) Included: Breakfast

Hotel: Alisa Hotel

Day 9


Enjoy your free time today.

If there is time, your driver will help you with any last-minute shopping or excursions before taking you to the airport for your subsequent departure.


After this tour, we hope you will always have a better impression of the Motherland.

Meal(s) Included: Breakfast, Dinner

Hotel: Alisa Hotel

Day 10


Enjoy the day at leisure.

Time permitting your driver will assist you on your last-minute errands and excursions before you are transferred to the airport for your onward flight.
Enjoy the day at leisure.

Time permitting your driver will assist you on your last-minute errands and excursions before you are transferred to the airport for your onward flight.


We hope that after this trip you will forever view the Motherland in the positive light it deserves

Meal(s) Included: Breakfast

  • Meeting and assistance upon arrival and departure
  • Roundtrip airport/hotel transfers
  • 9 nights of hotel accommodation in the indicated properties
  • Transportation in a private vehicle
  • Experienced tour guide
  • Admission to listed sites
  • Meals indicated (Breakfast daily, 1 Lunch and 8 dinners)
  • Assistance with visa application
  • Flights
  • Cost of visa
  • Meals not listed
  • Travel Insurance
  • Gratuity to driver and guide
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